Music at the RAFA Club
2, 3 and 5 September, 2013

All Festivals need a club, and this was provided by the RAFA Club at Prestwick, where there were three evening events programmed by the Festival’s Events Assistant Jamie McGeechan, featuring both known and up-and-coming musicians.

Monday featured Classic Combinations and the Troon-based songwriter Alan Frew; Tuesday the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra alongside Little Fire and Milla Crann; Thursday Eleanor Hamilton, Just Like Eddie and Jamie McGeechan himself.

Classic Combinations       Alan Frew

Monday 2nd September

Classic Combinations

Hugely talented trio from Ayrshire who have class and sass!

Alan Frew
Troon based singer songwriter who has a brilliant catalogue of originals and covers to entertain, gifted and uplifting.

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra       Milla Cran and Little Fire

Tuesday 3rd September

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra
The legendary Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra, hugely popular and always much welcomed will be performing as part of the entertainment programme.

Little Fire and Milla Crann
This Ayrshire duo perform original material as well as works of Robert Burns.

Eleanor Hamilton

Thursday 5th September

Eleanor Hamilton
Gifted performer in demand Eleanor is a multi instrumentalist with a great voice.

Just Like Eddie
Extremely well liked and talented Eddie performs hits and classics alike and is always in demand for his talents.

Jamie McGeechan
Local singer songwriter recently shared stages with Joan Armatrading and Damien Rice.