Prestwick World Festival of Flight:

Birth of the Idea.

Prestwick World Festival of Flight was dreamed up on the beach at Ayr by George Kerevan, Angela Wrapson and Lianne Hackett on 2 July 2012. Searching for a new visitor attraction for South Ayrshire, they reflected on the importance of Prestwick and its aerospace industries, and decided that there could be a place for a new and unique experience, a World Festival of Flight. This would be an arts and ideas festival, encompassing music, film, fashion, books and comics, alongside a pilots’ fly-in, a static air display, conferences and a careers fair.

Over the next fifteen months George Kerevan and Angela Wrapson canvassed the opinions of representatives of Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ayrshire College, Creative Scotland, Event Scotland, Ayr Gaiety Theatre, the Maclaurin Trust, Prestwick Airport, the Prestwick aerospace companies, the Royal Aeronautical Society Prestwick, the Royal Air Forces Association, South Ayrshire Council, the University of the West of Scotland and Visit Scotland, among others. They also met with key individuals associated with the history of Prestwick Airport and its industries, such as Dougal McIntyre and Baron Selkirk of Douglas, the sons of the founders.

During the research and development period they discovered that a number of significant anniversaries fell during 2013. Most important of them was the centenary of the first landing by an aircraft at Monkton Meadows, Prestwick on 25 July 1913.

Aircraft at Monkton July 25th 1913

In addition it was:

•     80 years since the first flight over Everest by Lord Clydesdale and David Fowler McIntyre, the Airport’s founders;

•     75 years since the Palace of Engineering, moved to Prestwick by Scottish Aviation Limited to supply extra manufacturing space, and still there, was built
       for the Glasgow Empire Exhibition;

•     70 years since the first and only transatlantic glider flight arrived at Prestwick from Montreal, Labrador, Greenland and Iceland;

•     70 years since the Royal Air Forces Association Prestwick was founded.


With this in mind a group of like-minded enthusiasts met at the RAFA Club, Prestwick, on 16 October 2012 and decided to proceed with Prestwick World Festival of Flight, scheduled for 30 August to 8 September 2013.

The Festival would be produced by a partnership of local organisations – Ayrshire College, Ayr Gaiety Theatre, the Maclaurin Gallery, Prestwick Airport, the Royal Air Forces Association and the University of the West of Scotland - and curated by George Kerevan and Angela Wrapson.

Ayrshire College    Gaiety    Maclaurin


Prestwick    RAFA    UWS

Our 'Flight' Plan

•     To celebrate a century of aviation at Prestwick, in word, music, performance and film;

•     To commemorate the seminal role played by Prestwick in creating transatlantic civil aviation;

•     To honour all those men and women from Scotland and beyond who built, maintained and flew aircraft at Prestwick, in peacetime and in war;

•     To Explore Scotland’s heritage and future in aerospace and civil aviation.

•     To promote Scotland’s aerospace engineering creativity to the world, and Prestwick as Scotland’s aviation capital;

•     To encourage young people, girls and boys, to take up a career in aerospace engineering;

•     And to celebrate the ongoing adventure of flight and its role in bringing together the peoples of the world.